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What's In when Christmas season - Azta Urban Salon

First, let me greet you a merry merry Christmas and a blessed Happy New Year. I know everyone had a blast Christmas eve last night and still have a full stomach. #nodiet *wink*

Ninangs and Ninongs are currently busy right now because of their super energetic inaanaks - giving gifts, eat and laugh all the way. I remember when I was a kid, I am more happy every time I received a money than a material gift from my Ninong and Ninang because I usually use the money to buy a thing I want. Hehehehehe, kids are kids!

And the weirdest part of it, why most of the kids use the money that they received from their Ninangs and Ninongs to the Salon - mostly to have a hair re-bond or hair relax. Observe it!

Anyhow, (just to relate my blog post, hehehehe) I went to my favorite salon to have my hair cut - Azta Urban Salon. Believe me or not, I am staying in Taft, Manila and I went to the Eastwood branch just to have my haircut because my hair stylist is on duty in Eastwood branch. That's how I really love Azta Urban Salon.

Below are the other branches:

  • ROBINSONS METROEAST - 6822107 / 09334454455

  • ALABANG TOWN CENTER - 6592249 / 09173179890

  • SM JAZZ MALL - 7798753 / 09173179892

  • ROBINSONS ANTIPOLO - 6327381 / 09165791887

  • VENICE GRAND CANAL - 7766047 / 09173179891

...and Azta Urban Salon AYALA VERTIS NORTH soon! - opening February 2017!

I had a manicure, pedicure, hair re-bond and hair cut in this salon before. And that is enough to prove that this Salon is so perfect and WOW for me. Staff are approachable and the products that they used are formulated to leave your hair gorgeously sleek, manageable, smooth, healthy and feeling salon-fresh every day like Tresemme, Bed Head and L'oreal.

I had a little comment on the manicurist regarding on the output of my nail polish. The edges of my nail is not so perfectly clean (sorry naman but I'm so O.C lang talaga). But still the manicurist removed the excess nail polish after I complained to her and she apologized naman. Well, I still like the Salon in terms of hair care.

And oh, they offer water, juice, coffee and tea - it's free! So don't worry. I recommend this salon - you will not regret it. Hehehehehe! Leave me a message in the comment box below, tell me your experience in Azta Urban Salon.

Hello there! Shampoo time....

My one and only hair stylist: Vince, Azta Urban  Salon (Eastwood Branch) together with his assistance. Look for him, he is so approachable and whatever hair style (copy of photo) you showed to him, he perfectly cut it with the same look. I promise you! *wink*

"Style because personality isn't the first thing people see..." - Azta Urban Salon

Azta Urban Salon

EASTWOOD CITY 2nd floor, City Walk 2, Eastwood City, Brgy Bagumbayan, Quezon City.  6876527. 09173179887.  Open daily 11:00am to 10:00pm