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Up up in Ermita Hill, Baler Aurora

All about Baler, Aurora again!!!! *wink with tongue-out*

The first place we visited on our second day is Ermita Hill. It is located near Rock Formation.

I heard a story wherein it became a witness to the devastating tidal waves that swept the town of Baler in 1735. It was used by the old locals to survive. They made it as their temporary resettlement which they called "Kinagunasan" - meaning "Devastated".

In the foot part of the hill, you will notice the statue, which explained on how people of Baler went up when the tidal waves hit the town - how tragic it is, right? Well, good thing this hill helped some people to survive.

How to get to the Ermita Hills

** As what I mentioned in my previous post about my Baler, Aurora trip, we rented a tricycle for the whole day tour. It's around Php700-800 per tricycle for whole day tour. Don't worry much, there's a lot of tricycle who offers a whole day tour.

Things that you should know

- Bring water because there will be a long walk just to reach the uphill.

- It is open from 6AM to 7PM.

- There's a chapel, gazebos, a large picnic area, view decks and restrooms in the area.

- You can reach the uphill either 35 minutes' walk or 15 minutes by tricycle.

It has a breathtaking panoramic view of Baler, Sabang Beach, Cemento and Dimadimalangat Islet - a very relaxing view. A green and blue scenery is always making me calm and peaceful. 

I advised you to reach the uphill by walking than using a tricycle so that you fully see how amazing Ermita Hill is. Believe me, it is worth it when you reach the uphill.

Behind us is the man-made forest, it is a very long walk. It's very hot that time, but the trees helps the wind to circulate so it is refreshing - so naturesque!

Today, Ermita Hill serves as a beautiful park to tourists and locals. It is good for family and barkada outdoor activities. The view, birds, trees and the air - you will realize how amazing God created it. 

And oh, there's a guy who sells ice cream in the parking area. Look for him. *wink* - good for summer!