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Unli Seafood, why not!

Unlimited? Buffet? Eat-all-you can? Why not! So food-greedy! LOL

Me and my colleagues went to The Crab Pot to have our we-time. We got this unlimited seafood in a good deal. My colleague found this deal at - it is a site where you can have the list of all the best deals.

The discount voucher we got is 65% off from the real price. We got it in Php599 instead of Php1,700. Good deal right?! The Php599 includes of Unlimited Seafood Buffet with 2-hour KTV and Spa Treatments. Oh yeah! Life is life! *wink*

Try to avail it now! Just make sure you call them 1 day before the preferred date of redemption. The voucher is transferable and may be given as a gift. It is a minimum of 4 persons to avail this deal. And don't forget to print the voucher and bring a valid ID upon redemption.

We had unlimited crab marites, fish fillet, buttered chicken, clam soup, shrimp and a bulk of rice. LOL While having our unlimited seafood, we had a 2-hour of KTV. But before we had this chibog time, we availed the spa treatments. We can choose from body massage, foot spa or foot paraffin for 30 minutes. Yes, you read it correctly - for 30 minutes only that's why I chose foot spa. 

How to get to The Crab Pot

- From Manila, take a bus going to Alabang and tell the driver to drop you off to South Station.

- From South Station, take a jeep bound to Cavite and tell the driver to drop you off to Seaside Daanghari.

- Or you can go to the van terminal at Festival Mall bound to Cavitex and tell the driver to drop you off to Seaside Daanghari.

- Or take a taxi from South Station.

Open Hours

Monday - Sunday, 9:00AM to 12:00AM

We really enjoyed the food. Specially me who is allergic in crab and shrimp, but I still ate a lot of crab. Good thing, nothing happens to me. I love how they cook the crab, it tasted like garlic. I didn't much like the shrimp, it's kinda sweet for me. I'm a salty person, remember!

The massage therapists are approachable. The foot paraffin service is good, even I had a very short time to avail it. The karaoke place is not so spacious. It has a long table where we can have our unlimited seafood. We had 2-hour KTV but no one cut our 2 hours time, I think we took two and a half. LOL They are all busy with other customers. Good thing, there's two microphones available. You perhaps imagine what will happen if there's one microphone only. *wink*

The only food I really like is the crab, that's it! I really enjoyed it. If my colleagues enjoyed all the foods, well me, I didn't. Hahahahaha - only the crab. Two thumbs to their crab. The shrimp is kinda sweet and lots of oil and tomato sauce on it. I can't taste the fish fillet, I think it needs more condiments. The buttered chicken is good, but if you eat two or more piece, it's like you were eating the butter already - it has too much butter. The clam soup is not my type. I'm not fan of Tahong that's why I didn't try it.

But overall, a rating of 7 out of 10. 

Oh my! I am craving now - my crab-y crab. Hehehehehe...

The Crab Pot

Lot 5 Seaside Seafood Restaurants

Daang Hari Road, Almanza

Dos, Las Pinas

Facebook Page:


02-5514772, 0922-8434068

0917-5567643, 0998-9981448