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Travel: Ditumabo Falls, the Mother Falls of San Luis, Aurora

Updated: Sep 9, 2018

When someone invites me to have a vacation, the first thing I'm looking is how relaxing and environmentally friendly is the place. My college classmates and I planned our first ever out of town and we chose Baler, Aurora. Special thanks to my Gee - who took care of everything from our transportation to accommodation. In my next entry, I will share our itinerary and how we enjoy it.

First thing in our itinerary - Ditumabo Falls! The famous tourist spot and the tallest waterfall in Province of Aurora. It is located in San Luis, Aurora and it has about 50 meters high. This falls is the best way to refresh your weary but very worth it trekking (just to get into the falls). It has a very clean and cold water. I suggest that you go there on weekdays of the summer season so that you feel the very majestic aura of the falls. 


1. From anywhere in Baler,  you can get a tricycle.

**Most of the tricycle operators offered a day tour. The day tour package have 7-8 tourist spots. Since we can't finish the 8 tourist spots in a day, I got a deal - I asked the tricycle driver to have the remaining tourist spots on the other day. And yes, he's okay with that. Yey! *wink*


- Entrance fee --- Php 10.00 per head

- Tricycle Day Tour --- Php 800.00 per tricycle (can fit 3 to 4 persons)

Trekking start from this photo (as in super trekking - approximately 1 hour)

There's a free water in this area where you can use to clean your hands and feet. The water is directly from the falls and you can drink it. I tried to drink and it's so cold and refreshing. So far, I didn't feel anything bad with my stomach. It is safe! So try it when you go there. *wink*

Oh! Hello there... 

Leg workout PEG! Look how busy we are trying to get into the falls. 

I got shock when we reached the falls. There were many people which I didn't really expect (as in A LOT!). It's summer season that's why and the weird part is - it is raining that time. Anyhow, still we enjoyed the trekking. 

with my college classmates... A.K.A "T w o p a h".. LOLS!