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Teratak Spa, Penang

I generally need to spoiled myself in any capacity like having a manicure/pedicure, hair treatment, foot spa, massage or go for shopping. When I was in the Philippines, I go to the spa for a full body massage every once a month - I never missed it! I love how it relaxed my whole mind and body. Every time I am new in a place, I always do a research before I go to the spa and to make sure the reviews are excellent.

Looking for best spa here in Penang is kinda a dilemma for me - it is so difficult to pick what is great. So, I took an almost whole day to research for the best spa (kinda O.C lang po, hehehe..) because I want to make sure that it is worth it. I easily get disappointed so I check every detail of it. Lastly, I discovered two spas: Danai Spa and Teratak Spa.

I decided to go to Teratak Spa because it is the nearest place from my home and I am on a budget. Hihihihi...

I went there last month to have a full body massage. The ambiance is so relaxing - extremely natural cordial. I adore how they designed the entrance gate. Once you step-in from the gate, you will see the mini garden lagoon. There's a small outdoor pond fish and a gazebo. 

You are required to remove your shoes before you enter the lobby. The staff will pour a water into your feet and you have to hit the gong as the ritual before the massage. Oh diba! Hahahaha, may ritual na nagaganap...

The staff is super friendly and very approachable. As same as the other spa, they will ask you to choose what oil you want to use for the massage. They have a lot of options. 

The room has its own shower room and bathtub. It is somewhat touching of Zen cultivate style - super relaxing.

I had a full body massage - Teratak Signature massage, RM130. The massage is not so good for me. I am expecting the hard pressure massage as what I told the therapist, but the pressure was so soft. Second, the therapist stopping the massage like 3-10 minutes, which I don't know why. Third, the background music isn't appropriately set. The therapist keeps pressing the replay button every time the music stop and there's a part that the background music became like a happy song not the relaxing one. Furthermore, the therapist didn't change the music so I didn't feel the relaxation 100%.

And the most exceedingly terrible part that I've encountered is VERY BAD! Extremely BAD! (I decided not to say it)

I like everything on it yet after all what happened, I don't know how I will rate this spa. I will leave it to you guys to judge it.

P.S. - I'm sorry, but I just want to share what I am truly experienced. That's it - a spa review.

Opening Hours:

Monday - Sunday, 10:00AM - 8:00PM

(Including Public Holidays)

Wednesday is closed



Traditional and Beauty Ritual

Body Scrub

Body Mask


Hair and Scalp



No. 31 Jalan Tun Dr Awang

Bandar Bayan Baru

11950 Bayan Lepas

Contact Information:

Mobile - 019 404 3131 / 019 488 0211

Email -