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Reporter on Duty

When it comes to fashion, mixing colors and styling, it is like a fun and games for me. I love mixing, styling and repeating my clothes. Speaking of mixing colors, I love how I mixed my green top and my blue shorts when I was exploring the beautiful city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I paired my white converse shoes with my green top and blue shorts to make it not so-more colorful. I love how comfortable to wear converse shoes, especially when your on-the-go moment. 

I decided to put my white belt also to make my #ootd more noticeable and wore my light, colorful twisted statement necklace to add some elan to my outfit. I opted to use my Victoria Secret big bag so that I can put all of my things plus the color of it compliments to my #ootd

So mixing colors are just a matter of doing it right to make it look super cool. Don't be afraid to mix a two or three shades of color. Stylist called it Monochromatic - color combination that is comprised of just one color. The best way to pull of monochromatic is to mix different elements of a specific color together such as saturation, hint, or shade and design elements like the texture or structure of the fabric.  Source:


- a simple trick to wear blue and green together is to concentrate on the shadows and to remember to always opt for a color contrast. Like what I did, I used white to contrast the two colors.

- don't try and wear lime green and sky blue together, for example, the combination will be bright and garish.

- instead, try lime green and navy blue together for a still colorful, but the more modern combination. Like what I wore! *wink* The same will also work in a darker bottle green, which you could wear with a brighter teal.


Top - Eastwood Bazaar

Short - Thrift Store

Belt - gift from my sister

Bag - Victoria Secret

Necklace - Thrift Store

Earrings - gift from a friend

Shoes - Evans, SM Department Store

Sunglasses - Eastwood Bazaar