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Oral Care Product: GingiLacer

Hi beshies! I'm back after more than a year of being quiet.

I really miss sharing some stuff with you. It just so happened that I am so fully booked with other things.

Anyhow, I'm here. And yes, I'm back! Get ready to be irritated with me. Hahahaha, kidding. As a start, I got this oral care product last past few weeks. And of course, I tried it first before I share what's with it.

Most of my friends (actually, all of them and even my dentist), keeps telling me I have superb nice teeth. They are saying that I'm so lucky having those blessed teeth, to the point my dentist mentioned that I can do toothpaste commercials. LOL

Side info about me: I always make sure I do my teeth cleaning twice a year. Well, you guys should do that. We should do it every 6 months.

But behind those twinkling teeth, sometimes I'm encountering gum bleeding while brushing. Though it is very rare, I am still worried. Good thing, I got this oral care product: GingiLacer. It is slightly pricey but it is worth it. I recommend this product for those who are experiencing gum bleeding and swollen gum (gingivitis).

What is GingiLacer:

  • reduces bleeding gums in 48 hours

  • reduced the formation of dental plaque, while restoring the good condition of gingival tissues

  • main actions: antiplate, gum protection, and gingival toning

  • GingiLacer is made by Lacer Company - a Spanish Pharma Group and ranked among top 10 domestic health companies

Suitable for:

  • bleeding while brushing

  • swollen gums

  • receding gums

  • loose teeth

  • persistent bad breath

Price: RM33.00 per 75ml

Stylemugger's Comentario:

  • Toothpaste tube is made of metal. Metal tubes do have some advantages over plastic tubes

  • Paste is in white color with super mild mint taste which I don't like. Because I'm really into superb mint toothpaste

  • 5ml is good for two times used

  • Seriously, this product is really effective for me. I used it for 1 week and still didn't encounter any gum bleeding. I will definitely buy/use it again and for sure, will recommend it to my beshies!

Rate: 9/10

Where to buy: