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On News Cafe

News Cafe - the first place I visited in Hyderabad, India.

Oh, I forgot to tell you..I went last year to Hyderabad, India to visit my boyfriend and to explore what's with in India's culture.

In my first day, my boyfriend and I went to Inorbit Mall. We had snacks and some drinks to this contemporary cafe with the view of Hyderabad's lake. Believe me, the panoramic view of the lake is so relaxing!

News Cafe is located in Inorbit Mall, Hyderabad. It is a super brand from South Africa and a dominant force in the F&B space. It has started since 1995 and it has approximately 50 franchised stores opened in Africa and Asia, including major cities like Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, New Delhi, Lagos, Hyderabad, and Nelspruit. The most recent of them is the one that I visited - Hyderabad.

How to go to News Cafe (Inorbit Mall)

- There's a lot of cabs, tuk tuk (they called it mini taxi) and bus in Hyderabad. You can get either of them and tell the driver to take you off to Inorbit Mall. News Cafe is located on the 2nd floor. 

Masala Omellete - 150.00 INR (Php115.00)

Desi Masala Omellete with coriander, chilies, onion, and tomato served with toast

I ordered Cucumber Mint juice and my boyfriend had a mango juice. I really like the taste of it - relaxing view and relaxing juice is so perfect! It's just kinda unsatisfied because the juice has a small size. I want the big size so that no need to order another one. LOL But anyhow, I recommend you to try it.

Masala Omelette is a bomb! I love how they cooked the omelette. It's tastier than the Filipino omellete - or maybe because India has lots of spices?! *wink* The fried brown circle-shape is like a hash potato, but it is not made of potato. It is like falafel - it is made of chickpeas.

We didn't much finish the Chicken Mushroom Fajita because before we went out we took our lunch at his home. And guess what, I ate a real Biryani cooked by his mom and it was soooo GOOOD! Believe me! Hehehehe..

Going back to Chicken Mushroom Fajita, we tried a few pieces of chickens and mushrooms and it is quite good. There's something about the chicken that make it tastier and I like it. It's like smoky-grilled with a little spicy and salty - so lied! Hehehehe.. As much as I want to try the rice and the vegetable with sour cream and cheese, I am so full so we took it away.

News Cafe has events every day, which is so perfect for the barkada chill time.

Monday - Mojito Mojo All day for 295 INR

Tuesday - Tequila Shot for 250 INR and Sauzaritas for 395 INR

Wednesday - 2-4-1

Thursday - Triple B

Friday - Freaky Friday

Saturday - Sensational Sounds

Sunday - Sunday Sundowners

If you need help for your India itinerary trip, just leave a comment. I can give you suggestions and tips. Hope you like my food review post. 👌👍

Chicken Mushroom Fajita - 495.00 INR (Php380.00)

Marinated grilled chicken breast placed on a bed of pepper, onion medley and spanish rice in hot sizzling skillet, served with warm flour tortilla, pdg. Guacamole, sour cream and cheese.

Overall rate - 8 out of 10

Budget: 60.00 to 500.00 INR

Opening Hours

Monday to Sunday - 11:30AM to 11:30PM


2nd & 3rd floor, Inorbit Mall

Hitech City, Madhapur


Mobile: +91 9502311155, 04040101235/37


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