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Old Balete Tree, Baler Aurora

I previously posted a few blogs about my trip to Baler, Aurora and again, this is all about one of the tourist spots I visited - Old Balete Tree.

I am so fascinated when I saw this so-called Millenium Balete Tree. It is really not surprising why they called it the Millenium tree because it has been there for 6 centuries. It was so huge that people can go inside of it. It has a very large and long roots and it so creepy inside! 

It is located within the Barangay Quirino in Maria Aurora. It is 600 years old and it has a diameter of 60 meters, which would take 60 people to do a holding hands just to cover the whole tree's diameter. I told you, it was so huge! *wink*

How to get to the Old Balete Tree

** as I said in my previous post related to my Baler, Aurora trip, we rented a tricycle for a whole day tour. Don't worry much for the transportation since all of the tricycle is offering a whole day tour to the tourist.

Things that you should know

- Entrance fee is Php10.00/adult and Php5.00/kids

- You can go inside the tree and climb on it - just be careful!

- Wear a proper shoe. The roots are kinda slippy - again, just be careful.

- There's a store nearby where you can buy Aurora's specialties.

See how huge it is! It is amazing outside, but so creepy inside. When I saw the Balete tree in near sight, I remember the scary stories about Balete Tree and that's the reason why I am thinking if I'll go inside or not - because I don't want the ghost goes with me back to Manila. LOL

Para sa blog (for the blog), I decided to go inside. PAK! So creepy. Sorry if I have no photos of it since I am very focused to follow my friends going in and out of the tree. I'm afraid to get lost. LOL

Pinoy folklores saying that the Balete tree is home of mystical beings who can cast a spells on people they like. For other folklores, they said this tree is dwelling places of supernatural creatures like Kapre (Tree Demon) or Tikbalang (Horse Demon). Probably, there are some untold stories that only this tree can tell. And...enough! I'm scared now. LOL Hahahaha...

Let me know your scary story experience with this Old Balete Tree of Baler, Aurora - comment below! *wink*