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Hang-y Hanging Bridge in Baler

I am really into summer now and I can't stop myself sharing my Baler experience with you guys. Well, as I continue from my previous post, we went also in one of the tourist spots in Baler - The Hanging Bridge - located at Barangay Zabali.

This hanging bridge is not really built for tourist attraction yet it's more for local use, but now it is gaining popularity among the tourist because of its panoramic view of the river. The bridge is connected with two Barangays which are Brgy Tibang and Brgy Sabang.  


- Since it is best to go to Baler when it is summer, no.1 tip is to bring sunscreen lotion. That's it! And enjoy the panoramic view of the river.

How to get to The Hanging Bridge

** as I said in my previous post, we booked a two tricycle to tour us in Baler. If I am not mistaken, we got a deal for Php700.00 per tricycle for whole day tour. Since we started the tour half of Saturday, the tricycle driver agreed to continue the half tour the next day. Good deal, right?

A picture perfect view of the river. The river looks like so deep but we saw some locals trying to cross the river by walking on the water. LOL I don't know the purpose of the hanging bridge, but still it amazed me. *wink*

Blue river, blue sky, green trees and green mountains are totally a God's one perfect creation. 

No entrance fee but there's a donation boxes both at the start and end of the bridge. This is a cheap spot that you can include in your itinerary and budget.

Comment here your experience with the Hanging Bridge of Baler!

Trying to be okay, but deep inside, I am screaming out loud. LOL. Super swaying bridge ito! Though it is not so high, still I'm afraid of heights.

Ohh! Me and my "bebegurl" at Sabang Beach. For surfing time, put Sabang Beach in your first itinerary. *wink*

Baler Tourism Contact Info.


2nd Floor, Executive Bldg. Municipal Plaza, Baler, Aurora 3200, Philippines

Tel: (+63) 977-801-2744