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Food: Grub Hub PH, Visayas Ave, Quezon City

I know I'm on a diet, but when someone is talking about food, I can't stop myself tasting on it. I remember my friend who mentioned the famous Mang Larry's Isawan and I was like "oh my, I need to try it. Let's go, let's go!". Hahahahaha...

I am really into street foods. If I'm in the other country, I look for their street foods. Hehehehe... Believe me or not, I went to UP Diliman just for Mang Larry's Isawan. It tastes so good and the sauce is so perfect. Superb sarap!

Anyhow, I got more excited when I heard the new hip and trippiest food park I found in Quezon City - the Grub Hub PH. And the good news for me is Mang Larry's Isawan is there! Yey! I can taste Mang Larry's Isawan anytime, no need to go to UP Diliman.

Grub Hub is the ultimate gastronomic destination with 17 unique food stalls, including the much-loved Mang Larry's Isawan and the bests from an ex-chef of Aubergine. The spacious 1,600 sqm food park is designed and divided into 3 themed dining areas with a total of 350 seats.

- Greenhouse Bar (dining area and air-conditioned)

- Alfresco Junkyard

- Hippieyard

This is what you will see when you enter the food park. Food stalls are on the sides. Greenhouse Bar, Alfresco Junkyard and Hippieyard are on the right side. You will see more food stalls inside, just go straight! *wink*

Greenhouse Bar

More food photos below!!!

First favorite - Mang Larry's Isawan. The Isaw2x and other street food barbeque is perfectly grilled.

Second favorite - Yzzy Eats. The BFLC stands for Bacon Fried Like Chicken - another WOW. I thought it's chicken skin, but it is not! It's a bacon. Sarap! So crispy pa rin even I ate it at home. LOL. I take out BFLC because I can't finish all the foods there. #matakaw #nodiet

Third favorite - Aji Sushi. This is the cutest and unique sushi I ate. They have different kind of sushi and the taste is the best. I'm not a really fan of sushi, but after I tasted it, I'm like "what is this?! This is so good!"

Food stalls available in Grub Hub:

  • Aji Sushi - sushi, katsu, teriyaki

  • Mang Larry's Isawan - street food barbeque

  • Noble Comida - tacos, nachos, quesadillas

  • Yzzy Eats - fried bacon

  • Chica's Chicharronia - chicharon bulaklak, tokwa't baboy

  • Cafe Fratello - pastas, frappes

  • Wicked Kitchen - desserts like milkshake

  • Papa Beer - fried food like calamares, crablets

  • Miggy Piggy - chicken, sandwiches

  • Brook's - burger

  • St. Mick's - chicken wings

  • Joey's Charcoal Grill - barbeque like pork, lamb, chicken

  • Hokkian Kitchen Co. - chinese food

  • Mrs. Lumpia - lumpia rolls, kebab

  • Sub Zero - gelato

  • Big Tummiez - waffle, ice cream, churros

Hippieyard area

You should try my top 3 favorites! I bet you, you will love the place.

Grub Hub

47 Visayas Avenue cor. Congressional, Tandang Sora, Quezon City


Mon - Thu: 11:00AM - 11:00PM; Fri - Sat: 11:00AM - 2:00AM; Sun: 11:00AM - 12:00AM

Budget: Php 200.00 and up

Facebook Page: