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Food: Cafe Viola, Tagaytay

For a suddenly chill out, Tagaytay is the best and nearest place that I can go to. It is 20-30 minutes away from our house. And because I am bored at home, I decided to go to there. I searched for a place where I can chill and relax - a best-kept-secret-place where less people don't know much the place.

After 40 minutes of searching through the internet, finally!!!, I found it - Cafe Viola. And the much more attractive in this place is the tastefully decorated things all over the restaurant - very colorful means very Instagram-my worthy. *wink*

The place is so classy and the ambiance is so WOW. I went their past lunch time so that no much people + a good ambiance = so relaxing!

It is located in Iruhin Crosswinds, Tagaytay City. It is after the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf near the entrance of Crosswinds so you will easily find it. It is open from Tuesday to Sunday.

Tuesday to Thursday and Sunday: 8:00AM-9:00PM

Friday to Saturday: 8:00AM-10:00PM


- From Robinson Dasma, get a bus going to Tagaytay, Mendez or Nasugbu and tell the driver that you will drop off in Olivarez Tagaytay area.

- From Olivarez, Tagaytay, get a tricycle and tell the driver that you will drop off in Iruhin, Crosswinds.

A lot of very colorful and lively stuff inside of the restaurant and the place is very spacious.

They served liquors (Margarita, Cocktails, Rhum, Beer, etc), Pizza, Salads, Pasta, Sandwiches, Coffee, Cakes, Pancakes, Filipino foods, Steaks and their specialty is the Thai foods.

Since I am craving for a Pad Thai, I ordered their Cafe Vio La Pad Thai - Php595.00. It is stir fried rice noodles in piquant sauce garnished with grilled tofu, scrambled eggs, bean sprouts, slice of lime and grounded toasted peanuts. It is good for 2-3 persons, but I finished it. LOL (don't judge me! Hahahahaha).

They have a very approachable staff. Kuya helps me to mixed my Pad Thai. It tastes good though the taste is kinda different compared to the real Pad Thai I ate in Bangkok, Thailand. Thumbs up to the very big shrimp on top of it (I ate it even I have an allergy..hihihihihi!).

I also ordered Cold Brew (it is Hot brewed coffee, they just called it "Cold Brew") - Php145.00. It has a free mini cookie. So nice, diba?! *wink*

I'm so in love with this liquor setup. So cute! Instagram-my picky! PAK!