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A fashion store and a Cafe

I went to Maginhawa Street last month to have a late lunch with my new found friends. - I always found a new friend! *wink*

My plan is just to have a lunch with my friends, but when I noticed this fashion cafe store that I always see in IG, I decided to visit it - Empire Fashion Cafe. It is just across the restaurant I went to. I bought some Christmas gifts from their store and the unique part of it is this store have a cafe and an outside mini bar. You can have a superb chillax shopping PEG and a chillax chit chat with your friends! This store is amazing! 2-in-1.

The store have items from different online shops like the SM or Robinson Department Store concept. They also sell beers, pasta, milkshakes, desserts, etc. And the price is affordable too. So cool, right?!


Ladies Apparel

- Hapee Jonee

- Clothes Rock

- High Five Brands

- Shanecloset

- Alison Bel PH

- Hershoppe PH

- Jhajing

- Zahia

- Deity Couture

- Aposthrophe Clothing

- Gal Meets Style

- The Lush Closet

- Vaintage

- The Wardrobe

- Anything Goes Store

- KV Supply Co.

- Vanilla Breeze Clothing

- Whoopy Shop

- Flattering Tops

- Cruella and Co

- Shortcuts Apparel

- Just Clothing

- N.Y.O.C.

- Modalista

Unisex/Men's Apparel

- Cosmic Concept Manila

- Sea Shop

- Outbreak Boulevard

- Hustle Hard PH

- Seasonless Boutique

- Cliff Manila

- Madhouse Ave.

- Thrift Apparel Manila

- Empire Initial Tees

- Local Celebrity Manila

- Inner Circle Co.


- Tutum

- Lady Gratitude

- Etsy Manila

- Your Fashion Lounge

- Mourticia's

- Bijou

- Kendall's Leatherware

Bag and Accessories

- Pretty Little Blings

- Jewelry Factory Shop

- The Satchel Diva

- Mikaila Shoppe

- Trend Wanderlust

- Cordes & Totes

- Onymous Online Shop

- Tatum's Closet

- Pink Tequila

- Wear and Bare

Beauty Skin Care

- Koreana PH

- Beauty and Body Balm

- Skin Potions

- KJM Cosmetics

- Scent Swatch

Novelty Items

- Shy Shop

- Gyaru Shoppe

- Craft Department

- Cookie Butter Addict

- Japan Goodies TRS

- Silly Sassy Store


- Lilac, Marikina

- Maginhawa Street, Quezon City


Php30.00 - 10,000.00 (depends on the item and brand)

Php65.00 - 350.00 (food range price)

Empire Fashion Cafe

143 Maginhawa Street, Sikatuna Village, Quezon City

(02) 501 2853

11:00AM - 11:00PM

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